A 7 Tesla Amygdalar-Hippocampal Shape Analysis of Lithium Response in Bipolar Disorder

This work examines the effect of lithium treatment in bipolar disorder on the structure of the hippocampus and amygdala.

CloudReg: Automatic Terabyte-Scale Cross-Modal Brain Volume Registration

Cloud based processing, atlas mapping, and visualization of massive neuroimages for multiple species and modalities.

Toward Community-Driven Big Open Brain Science: Open Big Data and Tools for Structure, Function, and Genetics

As acquiring bigger data becomes easier in experimental brain science, com-putational and statistical brain science must achieve similar advances to fullycapitalize on these data. Tackling these problems will benefit from a moreexplicit and concerted effort to work together. Specifically, brain sciencecan be further democratized by harnessing the power of community-driven tools, which both are built by and benefit from many different people with different backgroundsand expertise. This perspective can be applied across modalities and scales and enables collabora-tions across previously siloed communities.